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Vegan – Bean and Mushroom Salad Recipe

Vegan – Bean and Mushroom Salad Recipe

This Vegan Bean and Mushroom Salad recipe makes a nutritious lunch. It is packed with protein and vitamins. It can be served hot or cold. Ideal for a barbeque or picnic.

Spicy Apple Cake Recipe

What a lovely moist spice apple cake. With lovely cake fruit and walnuts to give it crunch. You will definitely come back for more. This cake is suitable for any occasion.

Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

These oats and coconut cookies are crunchy and simply delicious. So easy to make even the kids can make them.

Chicken Biryani Recipe

This Chicken Biryani is a classic spicy dish full of flavor. The chicken pieces are marinates in a spicy yogurt sauce. The yogurt make the chicken nice and tender.

Bacon Kebabs Recipe

These Kebabs are simply delicious and so versatile. You can make them for your next barbeque or serve single meatballs wrap in bacon and dipped in a barbeque Jerk sauce as an appetizer.

Rice Crispies Nests Recipe

With only four ingredients and a packet of Jelly Beans you can make these cute nest for Easter or the kids birthday party. They are nice and crunchy with a lovely marshmallow flavor.

Easter Chick Cupcakes Recipe

These Easter Chicks are fairly easy and fun to make. An excellent idea for when family and friends come round for Easter. You want to get the kids to join in the fun of making them and then eating them afterwards. They will love it!

Sweet Potato & Pineapple Salad Recipe

Sweet potatoes are very nutritious and are good for you. Try this delicious sweet potatoes and pineapple salad with walnuts. The walnuts gives it a nice crunch.

Mexican Beans and Rice Recipe

Beans and rice are always a good combination. Mexican beans and rice is a nice and spicy Vegan dish, comforting food at its best. For those who like their meat just add some left-over chicken cut into bite size pieces.

Country Style Fish Pie Recipe

This is a delicious and easy Fish Pie Recipe with a creamy parsley sauce and puff pastry topping. Ideal for a mid week meal. It really doesn’t take long to make.

Date and Walnut Squares Recipe

This Date and Walnut Square Recipe has got a very nice mix of dates, walnuts and coconut. They are easy to make and will soon become a favorite with the family.

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